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Our Programs

Clean Water & Air

目标:通过追究污染者的责任,保护我们饮用的水和我们呼吸的空气, networking local clean water champions, and more.
In a greener, healthier world, 我们所有人都会把我们的空气和水视为宝贵的生命资源, not as dumping grounds for our waste. 环境华盛顿采取具体措施,让我们更接近我们想要生活的世界, 从追究非法水和空气污染者的责任,到与为自己热爱的当地水域服务的当地公民建立联系.
  • <h4>LITIGATION PROJECT</h4><h5>Our national litigation team has helped win more than $250 million in court-ordered penalties and water and air pollution-reducing actions, from San Francisco Bay to Boston Harbor.</h5><em>Photo Denbow</em>
  • <h4>SAFE FOR SWIMMING</h4><h5>Goal: Dramatically increasing federal investments in water infrastructure to make all of America’s waterways safe for swimming.</h5>
  • <h4>CLEAN WATER NETWORK</h4><h5>Our national Clean Water Network connects more than 250 local and regional watershed protection groups, so they can share ideas and resources, gain expertise, and band together to take on bigger challenges.</h5><em>Gordon Black / Cahaba River Society</em>
  • <h4>GET THE LEAD OUT</h4><h5>Medical experts estimate more than 24 million American kids will lose IQ points due to lead exposure. Some will be exposed in their schools’ drinking water. 我们呼吁州和地方领导人把铅取出来.</h5><em>Phase4Photography /</em>
  • <h4>OUR WATER</h4><h5>Officials in Washington, D.C.美国正在推动清洁水保护的时间倒流. 我们通过努力确保环境保护署得到履行其职责所需的资金来保护我们的水资源, keeping our streams protected and more.</h5><em>Nicholas Thomas</em>
  • <h4>ACTION & RESULTS</h4><h5>From more than 100 enforcement actions that made polluters clean up and pay, 到减少发电厂和其他来源污染的措施, 我们的国家网络在采取行动并为我们的水和空气取得成果方面有着良好的记录.</h5><em>staff photo</em>
Clean air to breathe, clean water to drink

To promote clean water and air, Environment Washington, our national network of 29 state affiliates, 所有50个州的成员和活动家都在开展这些项目和活动:

Litigation Project: For 30 years, 我们的国家诉讼团队已经根据《10大网赌网址正规论坛》直接将污染者告上法庭, Clean Air Act and other environmental laws, 赢得了超过2.5亿美元的法庭罚款和减少污染的行动.

Clean Water Network: Since 2014, 我们的国家组织协调了清洁水网络, 联合250多个地方和区域公民团体,成为更有效的清洁水冠军.

Get the Lead Out: 不仅仅是弗林特:数百万美国孩子的饮用水中都含有铅. 我们正在呼吁州和地方领导人把铅取出来, starting with schools and day care centers.

Our Water: 对环境保护署的大幅削减和对清洁水保护的废除威胁着我们的水域以及赖以生存的人类和野生动物. 我们正在把我们选出的官员的投票和行动与人们最关心的当地水道的健康联系起来.

Safe For Swimming: All of America’s waterways should be safe for swimming, 然而,我们的水每年都被数十亿加仑的污水和雨水所污染.

Our approach

这些活动和项目都旨在以独特的方式保护我们饮用的水和呼吸的空气. But they share a common approach. Each campaign strives to:

Put the environment first. 一个健康的环境并不是繁荣所期望的副产品. 它是必要的前提和可持续的源泉. Through our research and public education, 我们正在努力让更多的人认同这一观点.

Take a strategic approach. 我们必须高瞻远瞩,大胆行动,但我们认识到进步是一步一步来的. 我们的重点是在公共政策、生活和环境方面做出改变, not just making a statement.

Build on what works. Our national network has won policies, 使河流变得更干净的行动和决定, streams, lakes, bays, harbors, estuaries and drinking water across the country. 我们知道哪些政策是有效的,如何改进它们,以及如何才能赢得它们的批准. 和往常一样,我们也对更好的新想法持开放态度.

Work together. 我们致力于团结来自各个政治派别的人们,围绕清洁的水和空气. Our advocates in Washington, D.C., lobby members of Congress from both parties. 我们在州一级的倡导者建立了包括医生和护士在内的联盟, outdoors lovers, small business owners and people from all walks of life. 我们国家网络的组织者和游说者吸引了成千上万的人, and its members and activists live in all 50 states.


Through Environment Washington, 成千上万的市民与专业的澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖网址人员一起为我们热爱的地方和环境价值而奋斗. Sign up for updates and opportunities to get involved.